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PBS: Need to Know - Crossing the Line at the Border

While the number of illegal crossings at the border has plummeted dramatically - roughly half the number than during peak years - just as many people are dying. Meaning for those coming into the country illegally, it is now more deadly, more lethal, than at any time in recent U.S. history.  Media Link

The New York Times: God Had Touched Her

Storefronts of Bedford-Stuyvesant and Bushwick have given rise to many Christian congregations. Over the years, these nontraditional church spaces have been a launch pad for female pastors. Originally published on The New York Times, January 2014. Metropolitan Album and Metro online.  Media Link

"Working While Millennial, Untold Stories: Nelsine." Documentary teaser for Hot in Here & Narratively co-production series on working class and poor millennials. 

What do mariachi bands and Morrissey have in common? More than you think. Video for AJ+. Media Link

BRIC TV / Narratively

Brooklyn based fashion maven, Nailah Lymus, says one of the hardest parts of her growing business is to maintain integrity.  This video is about a Muslim woman building a career on stylish yet modest women’s clothing.  Media Link 1 | Media Link 2

Narratively / Vera Institute of Justice: A New Approach to Prosecution

District Attorney Jeff Rosen talks about his work as top prosecutor in Santa Clara County to reduce jail incarceration and protect public safety. Produced for The Human Toll of Jail, a storytelling project of the Vera Institute of Justice in collaboration with Narratively, supported by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation’s Safety and Justice Challenge.  Media Link

Fusion / StoryCorps / PBS

A multi-media piece featuring the photos and audio of a young man confronting an unknown future due to his undocumented immigration status. Produced with support from StoryCorps, EHRP and P.O.V. for Fusion's Uncovered series about poor and working class millennials.  Media Link

Everyday Incarceration: Women on the Outside

This video is part of @everydayincarceration’s ongoing project, “Women on the Outside,” which tells the stories of women in the United States who have loved ones behind bars. Supported by Magnum Foundation Photography, Expanded fellowship.  Media Link

Voices of New York - Mexico to the Bronx: Angelo's Tale

When Angelo Cabrera left his village in Zapotitlan Salinas, Mexico, to come to New York City in 1989 he was at the forefront of an immigration wave that has since drained his home region of a third of its population. Like Cabrera, many immigrants from Zapotitlan Salinas settled in the Bronx; most are undocumented.  Media Link

PBS: Need to Know - Eugene Hutz

The gypsy-punk band Gogol Bordello is touring the world -- but it won't be stopping in Arizona. Ukrainian-born front man Eugene Hütz talks (and sings) to Need to Know on PBS about the band's new album, his Soviet roots and advocacy for immigrants' rights.  Media Link

Below are select Instagram videos from a mini- series published on @EverydayIncarceration. Some of the young men have experienced arrests; some have spent time in jail.  In collaboration with Manhattan nonprofit @TheDOMEProject, this series is meant to honor the young men's desire to be known for "more than our mistakes."